Who We Are

Founded in 2001 by Don Stropki,

Lion Technologies LLC has been producing Vitrified Diamond and CBN Superabrasive Grinding Wheels for corporations, medical fields and worldwide customers. We at Lion Technologies LLC create specialized sizes and abrasives on our grinding wheels at a low cost. Our product control intensely inspects each product so you or your company gets the best wheel available worldwide. We pride ourselves on our products and strive to perfect wheels with precision grinding.

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Our Commitment

To provide a longer life of your grinding wheel with less or no burn and greater productivity.

To consult with our customers in developing the right mixture of abrasives for a truer grind in-tolerance with the least burn as possible.

Our Products and Technology

Vitrified Diamond

Our Vitrified Diamond wheels are the best in the business! We reduce burning and can bring your wheels longer lasting life.

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CBN Superabrasive

Our CBN wheels produce more parts grinding with less wear and tear at a low heat and load rate. Reducing cost for production and gaining efficiency.

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World Wide Distribution

Our Products are shipped worldwide. From large companies to a small family owned business we cater to all. We can supply your companies demand.

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Custom Mixtures

We supply formulas and compounds to other company's for making there own desired abrasives. Contact us and we can work with you to find the perfect mixture for your business and grinding needs.

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No Burn

Our product design reduces to no burn or wheel erotion when in use. Our secret formula you can practically run without coolant. Our high rate of thermal conductivity allows you to perform longer lasting wheels without burn or degration.

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Medical Wheels

Today’s orthotics and implants are more advanced than ever before. Creating these custom pieces of equipment requires precise sizing. Using diamond wheels to cut the metal and plastic pieces with the level of precision required for these devices.

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